Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Lying in northwestern Evia, the spa of Edipsos overlooks the tranquil waters of Yaltra Bay from the foothills of the mountain of Telethrion.
The alternation of land and seascapte create a natural and colourful work of art.
Loutra Edipsou, with its neighbours, Edipsos, Agios, Varvara, Agiokampos, Yaltra, Ilia, and Polylofos make a painterly puzzle of unrivalled beauty.
The area lends itself to varied types of holiday-making difficult to find in other parts of the country.

Edipsos did not suddenly spring up yesterday. It is, on the contrary, steeped in history, with deep roots in the distant past.
Tradition holds that the lones first settled here named their new home "Ellopia" for in Aristotel's Meteorologica, a toponym also inscribed on a stone found in Thessaly.
Ploutarch described a very pleasant stay in Edipsos with its lively social life and entertainment, praising its fine cuisine of fish and fowl.
Strabon wrote of the appearance of the new springs and their healing properties.

Loutra Edipsou lies just two and a half hours from Athens and three and a half hours from Thessaloniki by car, including the ferry boat crossing.
Thus it is a short trip, and the town attracts thousands of tourists each year.
A warm welcome awaits them from its hospitable citizens and modern facilities. Indeed, the visitor may choose from a wide range of accomodations from luxury class hotels to simpler rooms to let.
A pleasant stay in Edipsos could begin with coffee and a tasty breakfast at one of the many seaside cafes, followed by a swim in the crystal-clear waters that lap the nearby sandy beaches.
For lunch there is a choice of fresh fish or other seafood and home-cooked Greek cuisine.
After a short nap, an early evening stroll to see the breath-taking sunset could be followed by a cream cake at a local shop on the strip.
As darkness falls, night spots come to life, with numerous bars, discos and clubs where Greek or internationl music can be enjoyed. Viva.. !